Winter Malting Barley Trial

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Winter Malting Barley reported data map.


The University of Minnesota Barley Breeding program has had the privilege of organizing the Winter Malting Barley Trial (WMBT) since 2010. The WMBT is a collaboration spanning the entire United States. The two goals of this project are identifying winter barley lines that meet malt industry standards and expanding winter barley acreage.

The WMBT began in fall 2010, and is currently in it's 10th season.

Trial Data:

From the 9 complete seasons, this collaboration has WMBT trial data from:

  • 161 Overall locations
  • 30 Collaborating institutions
  • 43 Different environments
  • 27 Different states

Line Entries:

There are also a wide variety of collaborators who have submitted breeding lines for evaluation in the WMBT. Over the 10 years our collaborators have evaluated:

  • 252 Total entries
  • 134 Unique entries
  • 13 Submitting institutions

Information sharing

All reported data for the WMBT is uploaded to The Triticeae Toolbox (T3) for open use. 

Click here to access all reported WMBT data.


If you would like to become a collaborator in the WMBT, either by submitting line entries or planting a new location, please email Karen Beaubien at [email protected]