Our lab has developed some useful software tools for studying barley, oat, and silflower genetics. See the list below:


'PopVar' is a package written in R by graduate student Tyler Tiede. The main attribute of 'PopVar' is the prediction of genetic variance in bi-parental populations, from which the package derives its name. 'PopVar' contains a set of functions that use phenotypic and genotypic data from a set of candidate parents to 1) predict the mean, genetic variance, and superior progeny value of all, or a defined set of pairwise bi-parental crosses, and 2) perform cross-validation to estimate genome-wide prediction accuracy of multiple statistical models.

CRAN link

PopVar can be downloaded from CRAN within R. See Mohammadi, Tiede, and Smith (2015). Crop Sci. doi:10.2135/cropsci2015.01.0030 for details.