Kevin Smith


Email: [email protected]

Year Appointed: 1998

Education history

Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics, University of Wisconsin (1997)

Research interests and responsibilities

My primary responsibility is directing research in barley genetics and managing the barley breeding program. I am also leading the “reboot” of our oat breeding program. Recently, I have joined a group of researchers led by The Land Institute to domesticate Silphium integrifolium (silflower), a native prairie plant, as a perennial oilseed crop. My research interests are in genetics of complex traits and the application of genetics and genomics to crop improvement. 

Specific emphases include the genetics of disease resistance, barley malting quality, and low temperature tolerance. Our driving motivation is to apply breeding to diversify agricultural systems to provide profitable cropping options to farmers, high quality plant products to industry and consumers, and ecosystem services that protect natural resources.

Kevin Smith