Constance Carlson

UMN Extension: Regional Sustainable Development Partnership

Email: [email protected]

Joined the lab in: 2017

Education history

B.A. Theatre and English, College of St. Benedict, 1995


I work for Regional Sustainable Development Partnership, a UMN-Extension program focused on connecting Greater Minnesota with University of Minnesota  research and expertise. I joined the Smith Lab in 2017 in order to have a front row seat to the small grain research happening at the University and serve as an additional access point for brewers, bakers, distillers, growers and other Minnesotans interested in growing and working with small grains. Much of my work is connecting directly with communities and businesses to learn about their needs and ideas and facilitating programs and projects that help them address their needs. Recent work has focused on hulless barley and Kernza (intermediate wheatgrass). You can read more about me and work here

Fun Fact

I studied theatre in my undergrad and had an internship with a French-American theatre company my junior year. This training has come in handy as I spend a lot of my time doing presentations at various conferences and meetings. Grateful there is no singing or dancing involved in my current presentations. 



Twitter: @ms_confucious

Constance Carlson